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Goal and Missions

In recent years, weather-related hazards have caused large damage around the world. And for the member economics of APEC, like China, Honk Kong, the United States, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Australia, Mexico, Chinese Taipei and the Philippines, typhoon is one of the most severe weather-related hazards influencing many aspects of society, including the food and water supply, public health, destruction of public infrastructure and transportation, the stability of the economy, thereby disrupting the societal stability and national security. With all those potential consequences resulting from weather-related hazard, it’s obvious that there must some effort to be done.


Thus, APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society was initiated, aiming to understand the characteristic of land-falling typhoons and to clarify the resulting potential impacts on society. Our goal at ACTS is simple and clear: to save lives and reduce losses. With this simple and strong aspiration in mind, we hope ACTS could be the core institution dealing with this urgent issue in the APEC region.


The ultimate goal of ACTS is to “Save Lives and Reduce Losses” through better understanding of the nature of typhoons and the sharing of data, information, and disaster experiences. To accomplish its goal, the missions of ACTS are:

  • To promote scientific understanding on typhoons whereby ACTS  will focus on its distinct regional features and various weather phenomena such as interaction with monsoon, heavy rainfall and complex terrain, which are unique in the Asia-Pacific area

  • To promote research on the socio-economic impacts of typhoons in order to reduce these damages, minimize the loss of lives and determine losses to property and infrastructures to better plan for resource utilization

  •  To establish a platform facilitating data exchange where more comprehensive data and scientific findings can be shared through the collaboration between organizations on the mitigation of the impacts of typhoons

  •  To develop human resource capacity-building programs by undertaking professional personnel training and organizing related seminars and forum regularly

  •  To foster regional research interactions and cooperation through regular symposiums, visiting scientist programs, and publications.

 These four missions could be put simply into three categories, including research field, the platform building, and the developing of human resource capacity-building programs. With these unique approaches, we could see the special role of ACTS in APEC.