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2009 Sep. The concept of cross-economy cooperation against severe climates was proposed by Dr. Ching-Ray Chang of National Science Council during the 37th APEC ISTWG Suzhou round. Accordingly, Taipei project team launched and closely coordinated with PAGASA of the Philippines.

2009 Nov. Asia-PacificTyphoon Workshop 2010 (APTW 2010) preparation program initiated. Project Director, Dr. Jong-Dao Jou, visited PAGASA for designing APTW 2010 issues and schedules.

2010 Jan. Asia Pacific Typhoon Workshop 2010 commenced at Manila, the Philippines. During the workshop, the concept of establishing a cross-economy coordination center under APEC was jointly agreed by representatives from Member Economies.  Name of the center was then designated as APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society(ACTS).

2010 Apr. The 38th APEC ISTWG Singapore round commenced. ACTS proposal presented by Project Director, Dr. Jong-Dao Ben Jou, had gained commonly supports from participated Economies.

2010 Aug. ACTS project team visited Korean Meteorological Administration (Korea) and National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (the United States) for cooperation communications.

2010 Sep. The 39th APEC ISTWG Sendai round commenced, during which APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society (ACTS) establishment proposal was officially approved with great supportive speeches from Economies including China, Japan, and Korea.

2010 Nov. The ACTS Grand Opening held on Nov 22, with the Headquarters established in Taipei. The ACTS team embarked on planning the 1st APEC Typhoon Symposium (APTS).

2011 Mar. The ACTS CEO Dr. Jong-Dao Jou provided the progress report in the 40th APEC ISTWG meeting in Washington D.C., the US.

2011 Apr. The first ACTS Working Group meeting and the APEC Typhoon Symposium 2011 were held in Taipei. With 16 member economies and more than 200 participants, the meetings obtained fruitful outcome and conclusion to enhance the future projects development in order to reducing losses in APEC.

2011 May. The first ACTS Workshop was held in Cebu, the Philippines. All participants gave strongly positive feedback, and expected future capacity building programs will be offered by ACTS.

2011 Sep. The ACTS CEO Dr. Jong-Dao Jou presented the progress report including ACTSWG conclusion and APTS 2011 outcome in the 41th APEC ISTWG meeting in San Francisco, USA.