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Role of ACTS

In essence, ACTS provides an efficient platform for APEC member economies often influenced by typhoon and heavy rain to discuss research outcomes, exchange practical experience, and share resources .

The platform is a great opportunity for scientists to share their research outcomes. In addition ACTS often includes professionals from different backgrounds because our aim is to find a more comprehensive and practical way to deal with typhoon and heavy rain related issues.  These experts come not only from various fields of natural science, but also from fields of social science.

ACTS also emphasizes the exchange of practitioners’ experience. We believe that it is necessary to combine both the academic and operational sides for optimal input and effort in tackling the extreme weather challenges faced by the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, the sharing of resources and information is another aspect that ACTS seeks to promote. We are fortunate to have APEC network today to deal with diverse problems affecting the region, and we believe that through the same effort, member economies can collaborate with each other to address urgent obstacles related to typhoon and heavy rain.

With this unique role of ACTS in APEC region, we hope we can play our part in contributing to society, benefit all economies of APEC, and achieve the goal         “to save lives and reduce losses.”